Your hair extension is changing color? Why?

This problem is more common than you may think, and most of the causes are avoidable. The 3-primary cause of the discoloration are chlorine, saltwater, and sun exposure and you can prevent those 3. CAUSE #1. CHLORINE It’s no news that chlorine isn’t good for your hair. This is especially true for extensions because they […]

What is Nanoplastia?

An innovative treatment Nanoplastia is a hair restoration, proven by practice to be an effective method of straightening that provides healthy appearance. The base of the product is constituted from amino acids and collagen. The products for Nanoplastia are saturated to the maximum of beneficial substances and supplemented with harmless chemical elements that facilitate penetration […]

Maintenance after the treatment – Keratin, Botox, Nanoplastia

Keratin, Botox, Nanoplastia MAINTENANCE AFTER THE TREATMENT It is recommended to wait 12 hours past treatment prior washing hair with shampoo. Use SPECIAL HOME CARE PRODUCT AFTER THE TREATMENT. Treatments cost a lot in your time and money – so be smart and use the products designed to protect your investment. Shampoo that is SILICON […]

Difference between Keratin, Hair Botox, Bixyplastia and Nanoplastia

The latest technologies from Brazil that offers different formulas of Keratin treatment, Hair Botox, Byxiplastia and Nanoplastia. The choice of the formula depends on the results you are looking for. WHICH TREATMENT TO CHOOSE WHAT IS HAIR BOTOX? Hair Botox is the last generation of miracle hair treatment. Natural and organic formula that has an […]