PlastHair Bixyplastia Passion Fruit

PlastHair Bixyplastia Passion Fruit was developed using cutting edge new technology, providing astringent, nutritious and protective properties, extracted from passion fruit oil. It provides hydration in the right measure, ideal for dry hair and can also be used not only to combat dandruff but also contributes to the treatment of oily hair. This product brings together the principle oils, all found in the Amazon: Copaiba, Passion-fruit, Parana nut, Babaçu, Urucum and Pracaxi oils, which interact with the hair’s Cysteine, producing a perfect synergy in the individual hair strands from the inside out, rebuilding and restoring all its elasticity, strength and resistance. It has the exclusive Bixyplastia action formula, which restores the vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids, providing not only immediate repair and with very high hydration properties, but also silkiness and extreme shine. Suitable for all types of hair.

Step by step application

  1. After wetting the hair, apply a small amount of PlastHair shampoo (step 1), massage in the roots and on the hair length up to spikes. Repeat the shampoo 2-3 times if necessary. Rinse well, do not leave any residue of the product.
  2. Dry up to 50% (no brush is necessary)
  3. Shake well the product in the bottle. Apply the PlastHair Bixyplastia (step 2) evenly over the full extent of the strands (leave 1 cm from the roots).
  4. Leave the product for 30 minutes (use the cap for better result)
  5. Remove extra product with a fine-tooth comb
  6. Dry the hair 100% with a warm or cold dryer (no brush is necessary)
  7. Finally, use the straightening iron to complete the full sealing of the strands (1 cm maximum per strand)
  8. Cool the hair (approx. 15 minutes)
    *** You can let the customer go with the mask and the client will wash the hair by applying the mask Honma. It should be mentioned to do the 1st wash without shampoo ***
  9. Wash the hair WITHOUT THE SHAMPOO
  10. Apply any mask Honma Tokyo (step 3) and leave it for 10 minutes
  11. Wash and blow-dry the hair as desired

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