Infrared Iron

The infrared is ideal to combine with hair treatment like Hair Botox

All of Europe has been using plates with infrared light for a long time. The Infrared iron has two plates like a regular flat iron. One of the plates do ultrasonic vibrations while the other one gives infrared radiation. The iron itself doesn’t heat up and stays cold, so it’s impossible to burn the hair.

The Infrared iron helps treatments penetrate deeper into the capillary structure (cortex). The ultrasonic plate waves break the product applied into small molecules makes it easier for the products to penetrate and makes the treatment more efficient. For comparison, with the simple use of hair care products, the efficiency of their effect is 20%. By using the same products under the influence of an infrared iron, the efficiency increases to 100%. In addition, it brings more hydration and revitalization to the hair.

For experienced specialists, calculate that the effect of the procedure is increased by about x5 times. Since almost 100% of the product enters the hair, the result is impressive compared to traditional use. It accelerates and improves the penetration of nutrients deep into the structure and it also accelerate the therapeutic process.

IMPORTANT: Using this iron with the Capillary Botox decreases the exposure time by 15 minutes.

However, it is not recommended to use it with Nanoplastia.

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