Q: What is the Keratin Hair Therapy?
A: It is a specially formulated revitalizing and rejuvenating treatment for the hair that eliminates frizz and curl. This treatment restores and restructures hair by infusing a special blend of natural keratin deep into the damaged cuticle. The keratin is bonded into the cuticle by the heat of the flat iron to relax the hair’s sub- cuticle layer.

Q: How much time should I allowed for each treatment?
A: Time can only be determined on an individual basis, it is of course dependent on your hair length, type, density and texture. Please allow a 3 to 4 hours for shoulder length hair, more if your hair is longer.

Q: What results can be expected after the treatment?
A: The hair will be more manageable and take much less time to style. It will be noticeably softer and straighter, with added life and shine as well as a lengthened look.

Q: Do you have different treatments for blond and dark hair? Type and texture of the hair?A: Yes, Honma Tokyo has a variety of the treatments for each hair type.

Q: Can hair be colored before the treatment?
A: Yes! A great time to have the treatment done would be directly after coloring or chemically treating the hair. The color will be sealed in, leaving the hair vibrant and extending the life of the color, however, you must wait two weeks to color your hair after the treatment.

Q: Can the treatment be done on chemically treated hair?
A: Yes, for blondes, highlighted and damaged hair, we recommend to wait 2 weeks after a last treatment and the flat iron be set at 430°.  For all other hair, it should be set at 450°.

Q: How many days after the treatment before the hair can get wet or be washed?
A: You can wash them right away with Honma Tokyo.

Q: What kind of shampoo and conditioner should be used?
A: SPECIAL SHAMPOO (Use a shampoo without Sodium-Chloride-Sulfate-Salt). OTHER PRODUCT CAN UNDO ALL THE EFFECT.

Q: How often can the treatment be done?
A: The treatment can be done as often as every 4-6 weeks, but stays up to 4-5 mounts.

Q: Is the re-application of the treatment done on the entire head or on the new growth?
A: The re-application should be done on the entire head as the build-up of keratin can only improve, not harm, the hair.

Q: How long will the treatment last?
A: Treatment can last 4 – 6 months, depending on hair type an texture, provided the client follows all after care instructions.

Q: Should the hair be cut before or after the treatment?
A: We recommend that the hair be cut after the treatment, as the hair will have a smoother texture and will lay differently.

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  1. Zohreh says:

    Hi.i am using coffee premium and i am so happy with the result and so are mu clients.but the videos that are posted on your instsgram are way too silky and also the way that they comb there any tricks or any extra steps that we can do after that treatment is done to get that look?

    • Honma Tokyo Canada says:

      You have to saturate more your product once you applied. More practice, and you will get there! Keep going. Did you tried Collagen Honma Tokyo? Its newer products and shine sometimes is better than coffee premium. Thank you

  2. Zohreh Avazzadeh says:

    You mean coffee premium collagen?
    I did not.but i will order for sure.also if i want to mix coffee green and coffee premium which one’s instruction should i follow?

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